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Multi-functional 3 Compartments Laundry Basket Organizer Storage Rolling Sorter

Multi-functional 3 Compartments Laundry Basket Organizer Storage Rolling Sorter

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Functional and Stylish: Z003GS-1 Laundry Sorter Cart for Modern Living

Effortlessly organize your space with the  Laundry Sorter Cart. Its detachable, flexible, and foldable design offers multifunctionality. Crafted with eco-friendly 100% Polyester fabric and sturdy steel, this cart is both practical and environmentally conscious. With a large capacity and removable bags, it caters to bathroom, clothing, and sundry storage needs.Simplify your daily routines with this household essential, perfect for dorms, bedrooms, living rooms, and more.


  • Model Number: Z003GS-1
  • Fabric Type: 100% Polyester
  • Metal Type: Steel
  • Type: Laundry Sorter Cart
  • Use: Bathroom, Clothing, Sundries, Neatening/Storage
  • Technics: Sew, Powder Coating
  • Product: 3 Bag Laundry Cart
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Installation Type: Floor Type, Standing Type
  • Specification: 77.641.583.4 cm
  • No. of Tiers: Single
  • Style: Household Items, Modern
  • Feature: Foldable, Multi-functional
  • Usage: Clothes
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Key Features

Detachable and Foldable Design

Simplify storage and transport with a design that effortlessly detaches and folds, adapting to your space and convenience.

Multifunctional and Eco-Friendly

Crafted with a 100% Polyester fabric and steel frame, this laundry sorter cart is not only environmentally conscious but also versatile, catering to various storage needs.

Large Capacity with Removable Bags

Enjoy ample storage space for bathroom, clothing, and sundry items. The removable bags make it easy to organize and transport your belongings.


What makes the Z003GS-1 Laundry Sorter Cart stand out from other options on the market?

The Z003GS-1 Laundry Sorter Cart stands out due to its
combination of functionality and style. Its detachable, flexible, and foldable
design allows for easy organization, while its eco-friendly materials and
sturdy construction ensure durability and environmental consciousness.
Additionally, its large capacity and removable bags cater to various storage
needs, making it a versatile option for different spaces.

Is assembly required for the Z003GS-1 Laundry Sorter Cart?

No, assembly is not required for the Z003GS-1 Laundry Sorter
Cart. It comes ready to use, with its floor-standing design allowing for
immediate deployment in your chosen space. Simply unfold it and start
organizing your laundry or other household items effortlessly.

Can the Z003GS-1 Laundry Sorter Cart be used for purposes other than laundry storage?

Yes, definitely! While the Z003GS-1 Laundry Sorter Cart is
primarily designed for laundry storage, its multifunctional design allows for
various uses. You can utilize it for organizing bathroom essentials, storing
clothing items, or tidying up sundries in any room. Its versatility makes it an
ideal addition to dorms, bedrooms, living rooms, or any space where efficient
storage is needed.

How do I care for and maintain the Z003GS-1 Laundry Sorter Cart?

Maintaining the Z003GS-1 Laundry Sorter Cart is simple. For
routine cleaning, you can wipe down the steel frame with a damp cloth to remove
any dust or dirt. The polyester fabric bags can be detached and washed according
to the care instructions provided. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive
cleaners, as they may damage the fabric or finish. Additionally, it's
recommended to periodically check the cart's stability and tighten any loose
screws or connections to ensure its longevity and safe use.

What are the shipping options available for my order, and how much does each option cost?

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Can I track my order during the shipping process, and how can I do that?

Yes, you can track your order during the shipping process. After your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email. You can enter this tracking number on our website or the carrier's website to monitor the delivery status.

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