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Household Portable Dormitory Mini Folding Washing Machine

Household Portable Dormitory Mini Folding Washing Machine

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Foldable Large Capacity Portable Washing Machine

Experience laundry freedom with our Foldable Large Capacity Portable Washing Machine. Made from eco-friendly ABS, it's compact at 272626cm, available in green, purple, and pink. With 50W power, it's perfect for on-the-go freshness. The side drain and bottom cord storage add convenience. Foldable and lightweight, it's ideal for travel. The integrated washing and draining system is gentle on clothes. Wash shirts, underwear, bras, and more separately for healthier laundry. Simple one-button operation makes it user-friendly. Keep your wardrobe and family refreshed effortlessly.


  • Material: Eco-friendly ABS, Electronic Components
  • Size: 272626cm
  • Color Options: Green, Purple, Pink
  • Power: 50W
  • Capacity: 6L

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Key Features

On-The-Go Freshness

Ideal for frequent travelers, this portable washing machine ensures fresh clothes on the go, providing convenience and cleanliness during your travels

3D Wash Technology

Experience superior cleaning with our innovative 3D wave wheel simulation. Mimicking the effectiveness of hand washing, it ensures a thorough and gentle wash for your garments

Start Button Simulating Laundry Experience

Enjoy a seamless laundry experience with the start button feature. Simulating the start of a washing cycle, it adds a touch of realism to your laundry routine, making it both practical and enjoyable


Is it suitable for frequent travelers?

Yes, it's ideal for travel. The lightweight design and portability make it a perfect companion for those always on the move

Can it handle a decent laundry load?

Certainly! With a generous 6L capacity, this portable washing machine is designed to meet your laundry needs efficiently

How easy is it to operate?

Extremely user-friendly! The simple one-button operation ensures effortless use, making laundry a breeze for everyone

Is it suitable for different clothing types?

Absolutely! You can wash shirts, underwear, bras, and more separately, ensuring a healthier laundry routine.

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