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Desktop Punching Bag

Desktop Punching Bag

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Dynamic Pedal Boxing Speed Ball for Stress Relief and Coordination Training

Experience the perfect release of pressure with our dynamic pedal boxing speed ball. Crafted for both children over 5 years old and stressed adults, this training and educational toy offers a comfortable way to alleviate office pressure while improving eye-hand coordination. Constructed from high-quality artificial leather, it ensures durability and resilience against constant hits. Setting up is a breeze, with assembly taking just a minute. The package includes everything you need, from the suction cup base to the pump. Gift your loved ones this unique stress-relieving tool that promises hours of fun and skill enhancement.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 8.5x4.3x7.7 inches / 21.5x11x19.5cm
  • Net Weight: 1.5lb
  • Gross Weight: 1.7lb
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Key Features

Enhanced Coordination

With a focus on improving eye-hand coordination, this training and educational toy helps children, elderly individuals, and convalescents enhance their speed and flexibility, making it ideal for skill development and rehabilitation.

Perfect Pressure Release

Designed to alleviate office pressure, this dynamic pedal boxing speed ball provides a comfortable outlet for stress, offering a satisfying release for both children and adults.

Durable Construction

Crafted from high-quality artificial leather, this boxing speed ball is built to withstand constant hits without becoming weakened or deflated, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.


Can I adjust the height of the speed ball to accommodate different users?

While the height of the speed ball itself is fixed, you can adjust the length of the cord connecting the speed ball to the pedal to customize it according to your height and preference. Simply adjust the length of the cord to achieve the desired height for optimal performance.

Can the speed ball withstand frequent use without getting damaged?

Absolutely! Our pedal boxing speed ball is made of high-quality artificial leather that can endure constant hits without becoming weakened or deflated. You can enjoy extended sessions of stress relief and coordination training without worrying about durability.

Is this product suitable for children under 5 years old?

No, this product is recommended for children over 5 years old and stressed adults. Due to the nature of the activity and the required coordination skills, it may not be suitable for younger children.

How do I set up the pedal boxing speed ball?

Setting up the pedal boxing speed ball is quick and easy! Simply attach the suction cup base securely to a smooth surface, then inflate the speed ball using the provided pump. Within minutes, you'll be ready to start your stress-relieving workout or coordination training session.

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